Strong Body, Strong Mind, Open Heart.

First Responder Flow

Donation-based streaming yoga class Mondays 0900 PST. All proceeds donated to a nonprofit serving First Responders.

Meditation Practice

Experience this short meditation with Shannon and integrate into your
daily routine.

Conscious Warrior Training

3-day in depth yoga and mindfulness training at your agency, that’s designed for conscious leaders, peer support and peer fitness members.

The Conscious Warrior:
Yoga for Firefighters & First Responders

The Conscious Warrior: Yoga for Firefighters & First Responders is the true story of a firefighter’s daughter who followed her own path (to India!) only to return full circle to her father’s firehouse to create and deliver an impactful, informed, and measurable 10-week yoga program to firefighters. In this engaging story of how FireFlex Yoga began, author Shannon McQuaide makes a compelling case for why First Responders need yoga and the compounding benefits of investing time, energy, and resources toward building a Conscious Warrior culture.  For 30% off, use code FIREFLEX30 when purchasing directly from the publisher, Fire Engineering Books.

How is FireFlex different?

Firefighter’s Testimonial

Conscious Warrior Training Graduates

“We are constantly in a state of hyper-awareness and it’s important we find time to slow down. I have learned to do this by regulating my breath. Now when I hear the tones go off, I take a deep breath and feel my body calming down. This helps me think more clearly when I have to make decisions that will affect my crew and the public.”

~ Battalion Chief Jason Golden

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